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(It is functional, however)


Phone Spam Blocker (discontinued)

Phone Spam Blocker was discontinued becuase it was found out that spammers can use arbitrary phone numbers (including ones that they do not own).

WorthIt: Lottery!

WorthIt: Lottery! came about during the fifth largest jackpot for the PowerBall, where several people were saying that they were going to buy a ticket. This application is designed to inform the user (you) when it is WorthIt to buy a lottery ticket.

Green means it is WorthIt whereas red means it is not WorthIt. The decimal number underneath the jackpot amount is the expected value per ticket. We also track the last lottery drawing numbers and amount.

For calculating ticket worth, we take the sum of all possible winnings multiplied by their respective odds and then subtract the ticket cost. We assume that the winner will take their winnings as an annuity and that taxes are not paid (we have no clue what taxes are around the U.S., but you can probably assume about 40-50%).