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Phone Terms of Service

Groups that this Terms of Service (TOS) apply to

Group A includes people or companies who are looking to hire RiverView Technologies for one of the services provided.

Group B includes people or companies who are personally known to RiverView Technologies staff.

Group C includes people or companies not already covered in Groups A or B.

Further references to people or companies will be replaced with "you".

Terms that apply to Groups A and B only

These terms of service do not apply until the person in Group A or B is notified that they must follow these terms of service. This will occur after the person violates the terms of service in some way.

Terms that apply to Groups A, B, and C

We are not responsible for any charges that may be incurred by your phone provider or any other service which you use. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any charges which may be incurred due to following our recommendations.

Our paid services have a warranty period of one (1) week only when the problem has been adequately described to our staff. We do not provide warranties where a client intentionally or accidentally reverts or changes any work that RiverView Technologies provided.

No one in the affected groups may not (a) ask RiverView Technologies for services which we do not provide, (b) call for advice without intent to pay, (c) perform sexual services over the phone, (d) call to harass RiverView Technologies personnel, or (e) perform a denial of service attack on RiverView Technologies phone lines.

In the event that you claim that RiverView Technologies personnel owe you money due to misrepresenting services or any other reason, we reserve the right to charge you the total amount required in order to give it to you.

We are not responsible for any damages that occur to you, your property, or your psyche while contracting our services or contacting us for our services or while we perform our services.

Terms that apply to Group B and C only

We charge a sixty (60) dollar call-out fee and a dollar a minute after the first hour. We reserve the right to stop the call at any time when we feel that it does not pertain to RiverView Technologies business. You may not charge RiverView Technologies or its personnel any fees that you may incur when calling RiverView Technologies.

Terms that apply to Group C only

By calling RiverView Technologies, you agree to these Terms of Service. You will be notified that these terms of service exist and that you should read them. We will wait a reasonable time for you to read and accept these Terms of Service, after which you will have agreed to them. We may require and record a verbal confirmation of agreement to this TOS.

In the event that you continue to call RiverView Technologies after being informed of this Terms of Service, you will have implicitly agreed to this Terms of Service and be charged accordingly.

In the event that you continue to call RiverView Technologies and hang up after a short period of time, you will be assessed sixty multiplied by two to the n dollars per call (that is exponentially more each time).

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